I hope the Wife appreciates this.

What in the hell motivates folks to carry on w/ this blog bullshiiiiii ?


View From My Office Window

The kind of cold that Marc Hardy's nightmares are made of.

Newfoundland Mnts. on National Geographic's 10 most desolate places in the U.S.

Beautiful Downtown Lucin.

NW end of the Great Salt Lake. The water is red. Seen it before? Didn't think so.

Wasatch Front from waaaaay out on the lake.



Meghan said...

weird. that is almost exactly what i see when i look out my office window too.

Suz said...

Me too.......oh wait. I don't have a window.

Raabarino said...

For the windowless you ought start printing my works and before long you'll have a collage and it will make you happy and increase productivity. And when you develop the extreme urge to fish you'll know that you've arrived and you can stop printing.